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Geothermal Rising (GR) is pleased to announce this year’s Amateur Photo Contest. The purpose of the contest is to showcase quality photography featuring geothermal energy around the world.

The awards will be presented at the Geothermal Rising Conference (GRC) being held in San Diego, California, USA from October 3-6, 2021.

Submit Your Photo(s)

Entry Guidelines

Photographs on any subject related to geothermal energy including geothermal energy production, EGS, direct use and geothermal heat pumps can be submitted. This includes photos in the areas of exploration, drilling, well testing, research and development, power plant construction, operation, and maintenance, geological features or geothermal manifestations.

Photos can be submitted to one of three categories:

- People & Diversity: Show off the people who make this industry great!

- Geothermal Landscapes & Wildlife: Capture naturally occurring surface manifestations or demonstrate geothermal energy’s low environmental impact with pictures that show geothermal development within the context of nature.

- Innovation and Technology: Showcase the technology and practices that allow for the utilization of geothermal energy.


The winning photograph in each category will receive $100. Honorable Mention photos will receive certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Committee Chair, Laure Mora, at or Brian Schmidt at


Submission Deadline: August 22, 2021